Video: Is TDD dead? 2: Test-induced design damage

April 5th, 2019


Is TDD dead? [Part II] (test-induced damage)





and it got there one test at a time



one design decision at a time

TDD puts evolutionary pressure on a design

testability puts pressure on a design

question of grain-size



continuum of granularity of tests



cost of every layer of indirection



TDD is addicting



No, desire for isolation is causing this result.

isolation is the driver



you cannot isolate yourself from backend/db/in-memory/webservice

how much are we willing to spend, to get how much decoupling

cohesion vs coupling

willing to suffer high coupling, so I can have high



difficulty to test is design problem

intermediate results are always trade-off





win-win: testable + understandable

is not always possible

YES is possible, may not find it, and you need to do something now, knowing it's not good, it smells




how do you get feedback

how are you gonna earn confidence





getting to insight != TDD