Model: Method for deliberate design choices

July 3rd, 2022

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1) What are the forces here?

  • domain

  • assumptions

  • context

  • technical

  • forces

  • constraints


not just learn the rules from the business


what are the forces here?

how does this business assess risk?

how much do they care about certain risks?

the balance between making more money and taking more risk


how do they look at customers?

- employees that get fired if they do something wrong

- millions of users with little control


mapping assumptions

  • users will do this kind of thing

  • users will not use the system for this kind of thing

under these assumptions, we come up with these design decisions


under these assumptions, we can apply these heuristics



2) design choice -> heuristic -> competing heuristic

before implementing:

  1. why did I choose this design?

  2. name the heuristic

  3. what competing heuristic can I find



3) distill heuristics <-> clue bucket




(src: Video: Design Heuristics - Mathias Verraes - KanDDDinsky 2018)