Opinion: hate originates from a desire turned sour

January 30th, 2021

Definition of hate: Model: Hate is a mirror

  • Something you don't accept in yourself

  • Something you demonize in others


These are the steps


(1)You desire something

  • Radiating - Being yourself fully, without having to worry about hurting others' feelings unintentionally


(2)You don't accept that desire, obligation yourself not to do it, shaming yourself for wanting it

  • Hurting others is bad

  • Hurting others' feelings is bad

  • Hurting others' feelings is bad, even if it's unintentionally

  • I sometimes hurt others

  • I'm a bad person because I sometimes hurt others

  • I'm a bad person because I want to do something that could hurt others feelings


(3)So you don't accept 'radiating' in yourself

  • I can't radiate fully, I might hurt someone!

  • If I'd radiate fully, I'd be a bad person!


(4)So you demonize it in others

  • That person has no concern about the well being of others! Radiating without a care in the world!

  • That person does not care about others!

  • That person is evil!


(5)And we have hate.


(6)Hate often would have us attack a person.

The person we hate, who is doing the behavior we originally desired. Either self-hate or hating someone else.

  • We may do it silently, thinking badly about others (ourself)

  • We may gossip badly about them, behind their backs (depricate ourself in front of others)

  • We may challenge them with words

  • We may do things to them, trying to hurt them out of spite (hurt ourself)


All the while we ignore the 'gift of hate' (Model: Hate is a mirror)

This person is showing how we could be living, leading by example.

Our hate is telling us, there is shadow work to be done. There is something we should reintegrate in our lives, to become more whole.