Model: Clarity of why, discipline of how, consistency of what

January 19th, 2021

  1. Clarity of WHY

  2. Discipline of HOW

  3. Consistency of WHAT



(1) Clarity of WHY

You have to know WHY you do WHAT you do.


Quote: people don't buy what you do


  • know your why

  • communicate it clearly



(2) Discipline of HOW

HOWs are your values or principles that guide HOW to bring your cause to life.


Having the discipline to hold

the organisation

and all it's employees

accountable to those guiding principles

enhances an organisation's ability

to work to it's natural strengths.



  • "always do the right thing"

  • "look at the problem from a different angle"



(3) Consistency of WHAT

Everything you say and everything you do has to prove what you believe.

  • products

  • services

  • marketing

  • PR

  • culture

  • whom you hire


Authenticity = Consistency of WHAT

It means that everything you say and everything you do

you actually believe



If a company does well enough

Quote: brands become symbols of who we are

Because Apple is

so clear about what they believe,

so disciplined in how they do it

and so consistent in what they do.


That symbol now serves as a representation of who I believe I am.

And if I surround myself with enough of these symbols.

And if I'm consistent enough, you'll know something about me.


because Model: people show who they are with symbols


(src: Book: Start With Why - Simon Sinek p65 )