Video: Hacking yourself - Dave Asprey

December 16th, 2014



"the art of controlling your biology and performance by changing the environment inside and outside your body"


quantified self & big data


realtime feedback


the bulletproof diet



first it feeds the reptile

then it feeds the labrador

then it feeds the human part of your brain

"you eat last"



Is 6.5 hours enough?

> People who are healthy need less sleep!

Eat for sleep

Less EMF's (electro magnetic fields)     // 4 hour window where you dont make melatonin

reduce blue light, add red

track it

-sleep cyle (app)

-beddit (sleep sensor)



Walking is not exercise

Workouts should be intense and short     // 15 minutes once a week

Whole body vibration is for real

Electricity works


Fuel// bulletproof diet infographic


Toxins// plants defense against over consumption

Lectins = damaged gut & allergies

Phytate = low nutrient bioavainability

Gluten = gut damage and inflammation

Mold toxins = cancer, heart disease, death

Avoid grains, legumes, and mold


What's In A Bean

Biogenic amines form during processing

Up to 91.7% of green coffee beans contain mold toxins

Adrenal stress, headaches, inflammation, joint & muscle sore, frequent urination


More Willpower



"what are three things I am grateful for today"



free infographic


Computer in the evening


blue blocking glasses