Model: Wellbeing = PERMA

June 24th, 2018

This model is a way to (quantify / measure / objectivise / discuss) wellbeing.

Which dimension do you value the most?

Which dimension do you want to develop more?


Positive Emotion

How good are you at identifying and cultivating?


Barabara Fredrickson listed 10 positive emotions:

  1. love

  2. joy

  3. gratitude

  4. serenity

  5. interest

  6. hope

  7. pride

  8. amusement

  9. inspiration

  10. awe


Engagement & Flow

How engaged are you with the things you do?

Do you experience flow regularly?

Are you using your strengths?


Relationships (positive)

How good are you at building and maintaining relationships?

Are those relationships healthy?


Meaning & Purpose

What matters most to you?

Do you feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than you?

Do you receive feedback about the impact you are making?


Achievement & Accomplishment & Mastery

What are your goals?

Do you review regularly?

How resilient are you?

How self-disciplined are you?

How is your grit?


(src: Positive Psychology)