Model: Situational Awareness (aka jidoka)

July 1st, 2019

Situational Awareness

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[x] Book: This is LEAN - Niklas Modig & Par Ahlstrom

everybody on the team maintains situational awareness


(src: Video: The Scaling Dilemma - Mary Poppendieck)

(origin: Book: This is LEAN - Niklas Modig & Par Ahlstrom)




Chapter 5

  • automation with a human touch

The loom had a function that was unique at the time:

textile production stopped automatically when a thread broke.

This made it immediately possible to identify, analyze, and eliminate the problem that had arisen.


The concept was later termed jidoka,

which means, 'automation with a human touch'.


Machines developed 'human intelligence' in the sense that they could identify a problem automatically


Chapter 10

  • visibility

jidoka is about creating a visible and clear picture

so that anything that happens to, hinders or disturbs the flow can be identified immediately


Every player can see and hear and is aware of everything that is happening all the time.

Based on this clear picture they can make decisions about how, together, they can score a goal.


Quote: jidoka "is" the whistle


Quote: visualization allows improvement


  • reference to Scania Production System (SPS)

Instead of just-in-time and jidoka, the core of SPS consists of four principles, the objectives of which are almost identical to just-in-time and jidoka, except that they are conceptualized differently.


(src: Book: This is LEAN - Niklas Modig & Par Ahlstrom)