Video: The 4 Key Principles of The 4-Hour Body - Tim Ferriss

April 8th, 2016



the smallest changes in behaviour that produce the biggest results


4 Principles

1) Minimum Effective Dose

less that this -> not desired effects

more than thiis -> side effects


2) The extremes inform the mean, not visa-versa

solve extreme use cases, and the average will solve themselves


3) tracking + loss aversion > how-to


: is a prescription

loss aversion

: failure proof the change

- bets

- public accountability


Rules of behavioral change

make it conscious ("flash diet" and before pics)

make it a game (Drucker* & five sessions)

make it competitive (embrace loss aversion)

make it small and temporary (MED, two weeks)


*Drucker what get's measured gets done


4) Keep improvement relevant



!= best in de world