Book: Unlimited Power

December 16th, 2014


personal power: the ability to act

personal power: the ability to act

try until


3 steps


  1. energy

  2. skill

  • specifically define what you want

  • NLP - How language affects neurological results

  1. turning fear into power/ break through fear




7 disciplines of success

1) I always act from personal power <-> fear (failure)

I realize there are no failures, there are only results/outcomes

Succeed in everything by learning



2) I amresponsiblefor my world<-> no power to change it

-> empower




3) I am always stretching "if I can't, I must"

  1. commitment to do something 'impossible'

  2. public commitment

  3. model someone who succeeds

  4. follow the model "I don't know what to do" => act as if you do



4) I am committed to unconscious competence<-> cognitive



5) I always act from personal integrity =wholeness, true to yourself

I always 'lie' withintegrity=just beliefs, your own



6) The meaning of communication is the response you get

"what it means to be him"

associationswith words &physiology- >trigger

intention means nothing<-> results

-> direction



7) I am committed to do WEIT =What Ever It Takes

-> practice -> interestedvs committed


7 characteristics, immediately

  1. passion, purpose, meaning

  2. belief, supportive belief systems

  3. strategy

  4. values "what is most important"

  5. energy level

  6. diet

  7. bonding power

  8. develop communication skills