Book: The 4-Hour Work Week

December 16th, 2014


last part

before spending time on a stress and inducing question:


1. have I decided on a single meaning for each term in this question?


2. Can an answer to this question be acted upon to improve things?



Feel good about yourself - Continual learning and service





1. Loosing sight of your dreams and falling into wfw sake


2. Micromanaging and emailing


3. Handling problems your outsourcers or coworkers can handle


4. Helping outsourcers or coworkers with the same problem more than once or with non crisis


5. Chasing customers when you have enough cash flow


6. Answering email that will not result in a sale or can be answered by a FAQ or autoresponder (


7. Working where you live, sleep or should relax


8. Not performing a thorough 80-20 analysis every 2 or 4 weeks for your business and personal life


9. Striving for endless perfection


10. Blowing minutia and small problems out of proportion as an excuse to work


11. Making non time sensitive issues urgent in order to justify work


12. Viewing one project as the end all be all


13. Ignoring the social rewards of life



Recommended books


Fundamental 4:


-the magic of thinking big - David swartz (don't overestimate others or underestimate yourself, I still read the first 2 chapters whenever doubt creeps in


-how to make millions with your ideas, an entrepreneur's guide - dan s Kennedy (a menu of options to convert ideas into millions, steroids for your entrepreneurship cortex)


- the E-Myth Revisited


- vagabonding (marketing)

worst case


Define your worst case scenario


-steps to take (if all goes wrong) to get back to where you are now

job finding


find freelance