Video: Is TDD dead? 3: Feedback

April 5th, 2019


Is TDD dead? [Part III] (feedback)








instant feedback is not always possible

how far can we?



1) how frequently feedback?

100ms -- minutes





2) fidelity of feedback

green + prod -> % no crash

different kinds of software

different personalities



3) overhead



4) lifespan

years & probabilities









there is more than one thing you want feedback on



1) User needs

"is this software doing something useful for the user?"

"how do I want to visualise the UI"



2) Have I broken anything?



3) Is the codebase healthy?







QA people were cut off because TDD was over-succesful

over-confidence in tests thought up by you during development



test-induced damage

tradeoff needs to know the costs

but TDD only has more tests, faster



what are you giving up, is it worth giving up?







QA, swung too far

dysfunctions of QA

throw over wall

long cycles

big feedback




"nothing at facebook is someone else's problem"







thoughtworks QA







We're wilfully trading off some degree of quality for now, because we wanna move fast, break things and may not be around tomorrow



new generation

shallow understanding of what quality is



programmers who did not want to be on call







The on-call is a feedback loop about test you did not write