Model: Cathedral builders

June 30th, 2019

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[ ] Book: Maverick - Ricardo Semler

[ ] Book: The Seven-Day Weekend - Ricardo Semler



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Quote: Annoyed workers


This concept that relentless improvement means

the structures are in place

the management is in place

encouragement is in place

the leadership is in place

so that when people are annoyed by something in their job,

their boss's job is to help them fix it,

not live with it,

not 'well, sorry that's regulations'

but 'okay, how about we figure out what the real problem is, maybe that's not the problem let's get at the root cause'

'how about you come up with an idea about what might make it better'

'Maybe we could do some experiments to figure out whether or not that really makes it better'

that's the job of a manager in an organisation that has Cathedral builders,

and really can do constant improvement all the time for decades on end




(src: Video: The role of leadership in software development - Mary Poppendieck)