Model: steps to emotional liberty - Non Violent Communication

February 5th, 2019



Emotional slavery

We must constantly try to make everyone happy.

When someone isn't happy, we feel responsible and obligated to fix it.



Obnoxious stage

We no longer want to feel responsible for the other's feelings


"That's your problem! I am not responsible for your feelings!"


We don't feel responsible FOR the other.

But we still need to learn how we can responsibly ... WITH the other,

without falling back into emotional slavery.



Emotional liberty

We act from

  • compassion

  • fear

  • guilt

  • shame


We accept full responsibility for

  • our intentions

  • our deeds

  • feelings of others


We clearly state

  • what we need

  • we care about the needs of the other


We can never satisfy our needs at the detriment of others


(src: Book: Non-violent communication - Marshall Rosenberg)