Video: Patterns of Effective Teams - Dan North

April 12th, 2019

[ ] Book: Software, Faster - Dan North

[ ]Paper: The Five-Stage Model of Adult Skill Acquisition - Stuart E. Dreyfus


Patterns of Effective Teams - Dan North

Patterns of Effective Teams - Dan North



8 years in thought works

bring agile in large companies

small team in trading firm

most performant team I've ever seen

have person X in our team






effective != productive






not for beginners

best practices are for beginners



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Dreyfus Squared

Dreyfus model + dreyfus squared


Dreyfus model

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Novice: needs rules

nothing else

Advanced beginner: test rules

Competent: applies rules

has internalised

Proficient: falls back on rules

instinct, instinct, insight

don't trust it yet

Expert: transcends rules

no longer think in rules



'expert' chess grandmaster plays different

remember previous games

less effort





Dreyfus Squared

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novice + expert = x-(

someone dies

advance + advanced

massive learning

don't put into prod

competent + novice = :-)

proficient + expert = :-D










Shallow Silos

people that are interested in a task, will do it better

relaxed about rotating teams

as long as 2 ppl know something










Near and Far

interaction between teams



ppl work in vertical

cross functional teams don't work



coaching model

near coach (in team)

far coach (out team)



ppl embedded in the team get together with the person out of team

person out of team must learn



core team, and go out and share

eg. DB, networking










Warm Welcome

really caring about someone joining team





1 mail


Welcome Name

you probably will want to meet these people today




find out the next person who will join, and change the name on top





leaves team

corresponding pattern











Seize the Day





coordination exercise

cf american football

huddle for next



What's the best possible today we can have?




Tea order + how is it going?

beginning of the standup

no more than 2 minutes

one person goes over the entire board

explains where we are



3 Questions

Kench Weiver is being misunderstood

What work items were moved yesterday

What work items should I see moving today

What work items are being blocked?

people are never blocked, work items can










Code Critique

cf movie critique



used to believe "if you do pairing, and do it well, you don't need code reviews"



what are the trade-offs?




turn of phrase that happens to be there?

agreed upon



eg. process sequence of values





-> codebase with 4+ dev

-> multiple and combinations


scala opiniated language



unusual stuff becomes signal



have junior ppl critique more experienced ppl code

"why did you do that"

purpose: explain to me why did you do that)

effect: Oh my goodness, that's a really good question

allows idioms to emerge in safe environment



you did this thing I did not think of

what other things did you discard on the way through that?










Hack Day

!= hackathon

day where we don't do regular day

day with a team


bug day

throughput day






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software faster



43 chapters





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Patterns of Effective Teams - Dan North



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Dan North - Originator of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) & Principal Consultant ABSTRACT Some teams are orders of magnitude more effective than others, turning around business solutions in days or even hours. Their secret is a combination of smart technology choices, great development habits and a powerful team dynamic. In this talk [...] Download slides and read the full abstract here: