Model: seek joy instead of happiness

December 23rd, 2020


happiness comes when

you win the game

you get an A on our exam

your number comes up in the lottery

and then it goes away


joy is something more underlying


The things that you will do,

you will not necessarily enjoy.

but the question is,

do you have a sense that they are a part of something bigger?

That's where the value and the joy comes from


you don't get to like every day

but you do get to love every day


you don't like your children every day

but you love your children every day


we've created this unrealistic expectation

that every day at work has to be amazing


like every day of your relationship has to be amazing

and every day in your friendship has to be amazing


it's an unfair standard to put on a human being

it's an unfair standard to put on an organisation


Don't seek happiness

happiness will happen here and there

Seek joy

and that comes from

- relationships

- belonging

- cause


(src: Video: The Infinite Game: How to Lead in the 21st Century - Simon Sinek)