Video: Is TDD dead? 1: TDD and Confidence

April 5th, 2019


Is TDD dead? 1: TDD and Confidence



3 things that bother me



1) What is a unit test

can't have colaborators

can't touch db, file system

fast, <1s

-> no use out of unit tests that don't talk to colaborators



2) Driving arch through mocks

mock heavy&enabling arch

testing induced damage

"Unit testing all the things"



3) Red-Green-Refactor

sometimes it works

sometimes it does not work








1) What is a unit test


output tape, input tape, then build it

personality, anxiety



test-first appeared later



"as a programmer, do you deserver to feel confident"



ruby -> programmer happiness





minds operate differently:

write hypothesis first

"If I cannot write a test first, I have no business implementing it"


"thinking through it while I write"





principle = confidence

tdd is one option





TDD flow

when clear input, and clear output



TDD trade-offs

making intermediate results testable is a cost

better design decisions






If I can't test efficiently without creating a mock, I find another way to create a feedback loop for myself.


-- KentBeck






class vs test



self-testing code vs TDD

self-testing code

click of a button

within reasonable time


a way to achieve that




self-testing code is side benefit

well tested code by driving design through tests is the main benifit





















Is TDD dead? [Part I]