Video: Simon Sinek in conversation with Reggie Yates

December 27th, 2020



Do millenials know what their why is? (29:14)

  • Why needs focus

  • "have an impact" is too broad



What is your why and has it changed? (30:26)


inspire the people

to do what inspires them,

so together we can change our world



vast majority of the people

wake up every single morning,

inspired to go to work,

feel safe when they're there

and return home fulfilled at the end of the day


Model: a why is fully formed by the late teens

A why is fully formed by the time we are in our late teens, and it does not change for the rest of our lives... (Todo)



Has parenting changed since compared to the parenting of the millennial generation? (51:40)

Not really


Not until we label technology 'addictions', which has not happened in the west


Model: a generation is shaped by what happened in the world during their adolescence



How was your why formed? (57:26)

  • The struggles we overcome when we are children, become our strengths as adults