Model: Patterns vs Principles vs Heuristics

July 3rd, 2022

Patterns are what you discover

Principles are what you're supposed to do

Heuristic are strategies to progress in solving a problem, without guarantees



Patterns are descriptive

"sometimes mis-used as prescriptive, overusing, eg. when new in the field"

goal: communicate about solutions

not: use this everywhere, asap (prescriptive)



Principles & Best Practices are prescriptive

applied almost blindly

best practice guarantee "if you always apply the best practice, you always get the best result"



Heuristics are ...?

cheap: easy to apply


fast & frugal: easy to apply & helps you solve it very quickly

  • example Heuristic: when you are in the jungle and you hear rustling bushes, you run


no guarantee that there is a problem


example Heuristic: something is a heuristic if it starts with: favour / avoid / try / ...


  • "favour"

  • avoid

  • try

  • look at it from that angle


(src: Video: Design Heuristics - Mathias Verraes - KanDDDinsky 2018)