Opinion: Recruiters are unlikely to help me with my job search

December 14th, 2020

I am looking for a job

1. in a growth company (not a company in a declining market)

2. in a team we can grow into a high-performing team

3. where I can apply technical excellence (continuous delivery, devops, agile)

4. practice & learn writing adaptable software (aka 'agile code' or 'maintainable code')


(1) growth company, is what most recruiters know

(2) team culture, is what some recruiters partially know

(3) technical excellence, is what few if any recruiter knows

(4) adaptable code, is what no recruiter knows


(3) and (4) are I believe the most rare (and specific)

And I assume any environment matching (3) and (4) will have (2) also.

So it seems wise to start searching specifically for that,

instead of trying to check every random company to see whether they match.