Video: Refactoring - Martin Fowler

November 14th, 2020

Refactoring - Martin Fowler



second edition

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intention vs implementation

if it differs, you want to create a function





What is the purpose of refactoring?

Because we want to deliver features faster.

Make it so we only need to understand a small part of the code.

Refactoring is about speed.

"If only it was designed"

To make a change:

1) make the change easy

2) make the easy change




Refactoring tools changed your way?

Faster refactoring

Less worries

fundamental process is similar

though people tend to lean towards automated actions




Refactor or Rewrite?

common mistake with rewrite: keep the same behavior

-> remove unused things, solve UCs differently




Does experience with refactoring change how you write new code?

Even with new code I refactor within 5 minutes




Refactoring => Pattern recognition, how to get better at pattern recognition


pair with people

learn with people