Video: Simon Sinek on leadership, and finding your calling

December 22nd, 2020



This video was more of a rapid file questions.

While it contains a lot of information...

...the format does not do Simon justice.

He is a great speaker, and in his best talks you can feel his pain, his beliefs, his vision.

Here the buildup to that is constantly interrupted by the next question.



[ ] Book: Together is better - Simon Sinek


Model: what, how, why

Everyone knows what we do.

I can tell you what I do.

You can tell me what you do.


Some of us know how we do it

The things that make us stand out

or distinguish us from our competition.


But very few people can clearly articulate

why they do what they do.

That purpose, cause or belief that underlies our work

when we are passionate.


Quote: fulfilment is a right

Feeling fulfilled and loving our work is a right,

and not a privilege


We should demand it of our leaders.

That they provide an environment that we enjoy coming to work every day.


What do good leaders have in common?

  • courage to do the right thing

  • people of high character

  • people of high integrity




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