Model: Intention = desire + expectation

May 19th, 2018

Intention originates from a


towards something.

But wanting something is not enough.

"I want to be rich" is pure desire


You also need the


that it will happen.

In your mind it has already happened.

Now reality just needs to catch up with what you already know to be true.

"I will be rich" is pure expectation




to be rich combines both want and will.



Important to realise is that you don't need to know


you will achieve it.

You only need to have the desire and expectation towards something.


Intentions can be




Why is this model



Clarifying your intentions is important because you need to claim and celebrate intentions that were met.

Doing so generates motivation and trust towards future intentions.

Not doing so, may cause you to unconsciously distrust your own intentions.

"Why would I put in the effort, there's no reward anyway."


(src: The Leadership Gift Program)