Model: Ideal Team Size - "7+-2 for agile teams"

July 1st, 2019

What is the ideal team size? Agile answer is 7+-2


Model: Dunbar's number



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go modular

remove dependencies - also in codebase




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That's how many it takes to bring a project like this to the market.




[ ] Book: Creativity, Inc. - Ed Catmull

how Pixar managed to have great teamwork in big team ~200


When you get bigger than 7+-2

you still wanna have one team

maybe multiple sub-teams

but only 1 team goal

nobody succeeds unless that one succeeds


(src: Video: The Scaling Dilemma - Mary Poppendieck)



Model: ideal team size

In most organizations, an effective team has a maximum size of around seven to nine people.


High-trust organizations may sustain larger teams.


Model: Dunbar's number - "5, 15, 50, 150"


Dunbar-compatible groupings

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Scaling Teams Using Dunbar's number:

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(src: Book: Team Topologies - Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais)