Session: Design Heuristics

July 16th, 2022

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Design Heuristics

  • identity

  • competing heuristics

  • de-escalate technical discussions


Idea of the session came from attending a session from Mathias Verraes in one of the previous conferences.

This idea of Design Heuristics stuck in my head.

And recently I found Video: Design Heuristics - Mathias Verraes - KanDDDinsky 2018


This talk was partially

  • sharing what I'd learned

  • learning from others that know more about it

  • discuss it


And also checking if others see the use of using competing heuristics to de-escalate technical discussions


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when do we call something a Heuristics?


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  • example from Matthias' session in previous conference about competing heuristics

  • an example used by Matthias' in his talk on KanDDDinsky

  • a definition someone found online


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example competing heuristics

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