November 24th, 2020


I want to build environments where people can flourish

so together we can show the world what it could be...


A world where people thrive, reach their potential.

A world where people go beyond what is deemed possible.


A world where trusting collaboration multiplies impact and brings joy.

A world where people strive for long term impact and do things well.


About me


I learned programming at a young age.

And software development has been a key influence throughout my life ever since then.

  • Starting with trying to build some small games.

  • Experiencing the need for maintainable code, by having to rewrite a project multiple times.

  • Discovering that software development is a team sport.

  • Hearing about agile software development.

  • Getting in touch with the software crafting community, and loving the people.

  • Figuring out that maintainable code, means adaptable code.

  • Learning that teamwork requires communication.

  • Experiencing teamwork in various degrees.

  • Learning that teamwork requires vulnerability and courage.

  • Learning that vulnerability requires psychological safety and emotional awareness.



Teaching myself how to code, I started writing applications and immersed myself more and more in the world of software. Initially I created small games, but over time also started creating small utility programs for myself. I programmed by myself for years. And I learned, the hard way, the need for maintainable code. I had to rewrite a big project multiple times! All that effort wasted! This drove me to study topics like: version control, design patterns, clean code, tdd, ddd, architecture, … This is the basis for my Quest: Learn to write adaptable software.


How do I write software, so that it does not force a rewrite?

How do I write software, so that it continues to be enjoyable?



While I was at university, watching some conference videos about how to write better software, I realized: “software development is a team sport”. Like many children, I experienced many bad group projects in school. With a toxic team culture, filled with cynicism, paranoia, mistrust and self-interest. I loved programming but I hated group projects. But I loved programming, so I started looking for a solution.


I started studying topics like: leadership, company culture, psychology, motivation. And in books and videos, I found hope. “working together can multiply”. I started experimenting with group projects. I started going to conferences and meetups, to practice my social skills. I even switched from university to university college. This is the basis for my Quest: Work in a high performing team.


How do I collaborate, so that working together is enjoyable?

How do I collaborate, so that we multiply each other?



During all this, I experienced, quite by accident, the joy of people using software I created. And when I looked back on all my other projects.  At best I had made them ‘barely usable’ for me, at worst I had dropped them halfway working. I was always fantasizing about: people happily playing the games I create or people using programs I created to make their life easier. So I started looking for a solution by studying topics like: startups, marketing, lean startup, devops, lean manufacturing, … This is the basis for my Quest: Build a valuable software product.


How do I make programs that are valuable?

How do I make programs that make people more awesome?



If you would ask me where I see myself in 5 years, I can't really say.


But if you ask me where I see myself in 10-15 years, I do have an idea.


I want to build environments where people can flourish


My Quest: Create an awesome company culture


Currently, in 10-15 years, I see myself in this loop

  1. learn ; how to build a company with an awesome culture

  2. do ;  build an awesome company

  3. teach ; someone to take over the company


Somewhere after that, I see myself in this loop

  1. learn ; how to build awesome companies

  2. do ; repeatedly build awesome companies

  3. teach ; others how to repeatedly build awesome companies


Probably, some of those companies will be schools.

Because there is so much potential to have an impact in schools that is currently wasted.

Quest: Learn & teach more efficiently


And maybe, after all that, I manage to zoom out again, and teach others to do what I did.


And it all starts where I am now.


My name is Tjen Wellens and I’m looking forward to playing the beautiful game of software developmentwith you.