Model: Lean improvement pattern: U-shaped

August 29th, 2022

Model: Lean improvement pattern: U-shaped

this improvement pattern, shows some key traits of lean


example: Toyota Sales Logistics

sales, distribution, service (Japan requires thorough car inspections)

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a) perceived starting position

b) actual starting position

  • lot's of superfluous work (unnecessary technical work, moving cars, difficult planning)

c) increasing flow efficiency

the speed of the value-adding activities was increased,

and non-value-adding activities were eliminated

  • teamwork

  • specialized equipment

  • standardization

  • visualization

d) increasing resource efficiency

  • removed superfluous work

  • new layout

  • specialized equipment

  • simpler planning

e) final position

Toyota's strategy involves having free capacity on hand in order to be able to deal with unexpected event


(src: Book: This is LEAN - Niklas Modig & Par Ahlstrom)