Book: The Art of Empathy - Karla McLaren

November 16th, 2019

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Model: 6 aspects of empathy


Model: Action Requiring Neurological Program


Wall: Empathy



Book References


[ ] pink brain, blue brain

boy == girl, socialisation makes the difference


[x] the emotional life of your brain

six dimensions of emotion + meditation


[x] self comes to mind: constructing the conscious brain

action-requiring neurological program


[ ] the body has a mind of its own

peripersonal space


[x] wishcraft: how to get what you really want

conscious complaining, strive for dreams,


[ ] understanding myself: a kids guide to intense emotions and strong feelings

anxiety as action taking and get things done


[ ] the promise of sleep

sleep hygiene


[ ] dreamland: adventures in the strance science of sleep

sleeping separate


[ ] the managed heart

emotion work


[ ] are you the one for me

4 impediments that make relationships unworkable


[x] taking the war out of words

avoid unintentionally evoking anger with tone, body language and gestures


[ ] taking power struggle out of parenting (audio)

same but with children


[x] born for love

what babies need for learning empathy


[ ] Bureaucratizing the good samaritan

humanitarian relief advertising != actual work


[ ] The upside of irrationality

different responses to tragic situations